Plus Group

The Plus Group of Companies offers a range of uniquely integrated horticultural solutions both domestically and internationally. Its core passion is the long-term sustainability of horticulture delivered to our valued clients through service excellence, experience and innovation.

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GroPlus provides a world class kiwifruit orchard management service that maximises grower returns and delivers to our customers’ service excellence, product superiority and innovation.

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Pollen Plus

Pollen Plus is one of the world's largest suppliers of high quality Male Kiwifruit Pollen and artificial pollination services and solutions. Our products are available internationally and New Zealand wide.

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RoboticsPlus funds and manages development research into Horticulture Robotics from field applications to post harvest solutions. Watch this space, we have some exciting things coming!

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We have developed measurement systems and technologies over a
number of years through undertaking complex data analysis.  
This enables us to understand what is happening in your soil and plants.
We are proud to partner with Brookside Laboratories, Ohio (photo) 
and Hills Laboratories, New Zealand.
Irrigation and Water Assessment
Irrigation and Water Assessment

We are able to report on suitability or corrective actions required for water used for irrigation or sprays that met needs for GAP and organic standards.